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Please review the LA Desert Ranch information and policies below prior to your scheduled shoot date. Owners Marq and John will be happy to clarify any of the notices listed.

Locating The Ranch

  • LADR is located approximately 0.5 miles from paved Avenue O. There will be signs directing you to LADR. Please see the homepage for maps and directions.
  • Our property is adjacent to a fenced-in residential compound. Please respect our neighbor by driving slowly (watching for pets), avoiding their land, and keeping noise to a minimum as you pass their house.

Site Representative

  • A site representative will be on location for the duration of your shoot. This person represents LADR and enforces the policies set forth in this document.


  • There is a parking lot located on the southeast corner of LADR (please see map). Do not park outside of the designated area.
  • Do not drive vehicles outside of the parking lot or LADR access road without prior permission.
  • Lot holds approximately 10 standard sized cars. Please notify LADR prior to the day of production if your shoot requires more space for vehicles.
  • Between paved Avenue O and the LADR parking lot, vehicles must drive on a dirt road. This road is accessible for all vehicles. Vehicles that do not stay on the designated access road or that drive at unsafe speeds risk becoming damaged or stuck.

Sets and Props

  • LADR provides access to our sets and props at no additional cost.
  • Damage to or theft of set pieces may be grounds for withholding security deposit. 
  • The piano and pool table set pieces are permanent installations and may not be moved from their current location.
  • Floating props such as table/chairs, pool table accessories, and western decor are located in a shed on the property. Productions that wish to use these props are responsible for setting up/returning these items to storage.
  • Productions that damage set pieces may forfeit their security deposit.
  • Productions that do not return set pieces to their original location may forfeit security deposit. Please confirm with our site representative before vacating the property that the set pieces are in their proper location.

Fire and Flames

  • The Antelope Valley is a HIGH FIRE DANGER area; because of this we have a strict no-flame policy at LADR. This includes, but is not limited to, fireworks, flares, and firearms. What constitutes a flame is up to the discretion of the site representative. 
  • There is a fire extinguisher. This does not imply that flames or fire are permissible. Productions that use flames are subject to immediate removal and forfeiture of security deposit. 
  • Smoking is allowed only in the parking lot area, and butts must be extinguished in the provided butt can.
  • Controlled cooking fire (propane only) is permissible in the parking lot area. Craft services must provide a fire extinguisher.

Ranch Boundaries 

  • LADR is a 5-acre lot. The dimensions are approximately 250 feet by 825 feet. The corners of the lot are marked with stacked logs. All vehicles, sets, and heavy equipment must stay within the boundaries of the Ranch.
  • Our neighbor’s compound is clearly marked with a fence. Do not enter their property under any circumstances. Violation of this policy is grounds for immediate removal and forfeiture of security deposit. 
  • The rock formation adjacent to our land is not owned by LADR. This is private property.


  • LADR takes pride in the cleanliness of our property. Please respect this and clean up after yourself while occupying LADR.
  • LADR does not provide a trash removal service. Any waste that you create must be removed at the wrap of production. Violation of this policy may result in forfeiture of security deposit.
  • LADR does not have bathrooms, plumbing, or running water. The closest access to these services is 3 miles west on Avenue O, in Lake Los Angeles. Productions may choose to provide their own on-site restrooms.

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