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Performance Installations

Performance Installations

LA Desert Ranch is a 5 acre desert site featuring several unique performance installations that work great for film and photo. Signature looks include the Desert Saloon Set, Chroma Zone, and Desert Graveyard Set. The open lot also provides a scenic 360 view of the desert and nearby rock formations, giving each setup an iconic backdrop.

Desert Saloon Set New - LA Desert Ranch

Desert Saloon Set

800sq Ft. Set
196sq Ft. Stage
Pool Table
Upright Piano
Western Props
Graveyard Set / Cemetery Set - Grave Set

Graveyard Set

800sq Ft. Set
Two Prop Coffins
Pre-Dug Gravesites
Stone Grave Markers
Wooden Crosses

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Dark Stage - Stage Set Desert Stage

Dark Stage

800sq Ft. Set
Three 3′ Stage Cubes
Two 8′ Vertical Bases
Several Angled Shards
The Light Stage - Stairway Stage

Light Stage

800sq Ft. Set
Two 6’x4′ Platforms
10′ Tall Stairway Stage
Configurable Set Pieces
Desert Wasteland - Mannequin Wasteland


800sq Ft. Set
Several Reclaimed Vintage Doors
Adjustable Mannequins
Sun-Bleached Couch
Floating Window Panes
Speaker Set - TV Photo Set - Desert TV Wall

Media Wall

800sq Ft. Set
25 Old-School Tube TVs
25 Large Speaker Cabinets
10+ Media Peripherals
Chroma Key Installation - LA Desert Ranch

Chroma Zone

1500sq Ft. Set
Seven Fixed Columns
Five Triangular Set Pieces
Two Curved Bases
Black Stage LA Desert Ranch

Black Stage

200sq Ft. Set
One 8’x4′ Platform
Unobstructed Mountain Views
Dramatic Desert Cabin Set

Desert Cabin Set

800sq Ft. Set
Desert Cabin Exterior
Firewood Pile
Rocking Chair & Picnic Table
Dirt Driveway

Rules Of The Ranch

We are happy to host your production at our film location. To ensure that everything goes smoothly and stays safe we have put together a list of ground rules for your reference. Please review the information and policies prior to your arrival for ease of access. A site representative will be present on the day to help clarify and enforce the rules during your shoot.

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