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Desert Graveyard Set

Desert Graveyard Set

A middle-of-nowhere open graveyard set available for photoshoots and film. This installation features two adult-sized prop coffins; one is sealed and the other has a removable top. The set also has scenic rock formations and mountain vistas in the background.

Graveyard Set / Cemetery Set - Grave Set


800sq Ft. Set
Two Prop Coffins
Wooden Crosses
Stone Grave Markers
Pre-Dug Gravesites

Rules Of The Ranch

We are happy to host your production at our film location. To ensure that everything goes smoothly and stays safe we have put together a list of ground rules for your reference. Please review the information and policies prior to your arrival for ease of access. A site representative will be present on the day to help clarify and enforce the rules during your shoot.

Photo Gallery

Graveyard Set / Cemetery Set - Grave Set
Cowboy Grave - Desert Grave Set
Desert Graveyard Set
Desert Graves
Desert Grave Set

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