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Chroma Zone

Chroma Zone

The Chroma Zone installation contains several curved columns along with a few adjustable bases and set pieces. The green screen painted items provide a visually iconic contrast to the surrounding landscape and creates a new line of possibilities in post-production.


1500sq Ft. Set
Seven Fixed Columns
Five Triangular Set Pieces
Two Curved Bases

Rules Of The Ranch

We are happy to host your production at our film location. To ensure that everything goes smoothly and stays safe we have put together a list of ground rules for your reference. Please review the information and policies prior to your arrival for ease of access. A site representative will be present on the day to help clarify and enforce the rules during your shoot.

Photo Gallery

Chroma Zone - Green Screen Set
Chroma Key Installation - LA Desert Ranch
Chroma Zone - LA Desert Ranch
Green Screen Set - LA Desert Ranch
Green Screen Set - LA Desert Ranch - Chroma Zone

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