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Please review the LADR billing policies for information regarding hourly rates, site representative fee, security deposit, payment, and scheduling. Owners Marq and John will be happy to clarify anything listed on this sheet.

Hourly Rates

  • The hourly rate is $60 for productions with a cast & crew of 1 – 15 people. The hourly rate is $125 for productions that have a cast & crew greater than 15 people.
  • LADR has a four hour minimum rental time.

Site Representative Fee

  • A site representative will be at the property for the duration of your shoot.
  • The site representative fee is $120 for productions under 6 hours, and $250 for productions longer than 6 hours. 

Security Deposit

  • LADR requires all clients to put down a refundable security deposit of $500.
  • Security deposit must be paid in cash at the start of your production.
  • LADR has the right to withhold all or part of security deposit in the event of damage to property, shoots that go over the scheduled endtime, or shoots that unexpectedly have a cast and crew greater than 15 people.
  • LADR will deduct a $150 fee for productions that do not return props and set pieces to their original locations. 


  • LADR will provide clients with an invoice once details of the production have been agreed upon.
  • Please pay in-full before the day of production.
  • LADR accepts cash and various forms of electronic payment. 
  • Please contact LADR with questions regarding your preferred method of payment. 

Scheduled Times

  • Production hours are determined before the day of the shoot. Late arrival or early departure does not impact the cost of rental/billed hours.
  • Productions that occupy LADR beyond the scheduled end time will be charged double the hourly rate for each additional hour.
  • Productions are considered to be occupying LADR if any associated vehicles, equipment, or personnel remain on the property or access road.  
  • There will be a 15 minute grace period to vacate the ranch. If the ranch is occupied after this period, productions will be billed for the entire additional hour.

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