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LA Desert Ranch – 5 acre property in Lake Los Angeles, CA available for film and photography.

 Just one hour out of LA! The film and photo location features unique sets like our Desert Saloon Set and Desert Cabin Set. The open lot design also provides a scenic 360 view of the desert and nearby rock formations. Our combination of iconic installations and mountain views makes LA Desert Ranch the perfect desert location for video and photography.

This property and its one of a kind set pieces are a collaboration between Marq Robinson and John Tudhope. Founding the ranch in 2021, the two creatives set out to make an interesting production space with classic desert elements.

More about the founders below.

About - John Bio Pic

John Tudhope

John Tudhope wears many hats, but most recently it’s been a Stetson. While en route to an American Literature degree from UCLA, John gained experience in standup comedy, journalism and screenwriting. A part-time job as a gardener throughout college led him to start a nursery business after graduation, while also working at a high school in East Los Angeles. LA Desert Ranch is his most recent endeavor, but not likely his last.

About - Marq Bio Pic

Marq Robinson

Marq Robinson, a self-described creative entrepreneur, got his start in the entertainment industry as a production assistant on set after attending Colombia College Hollywood for a few years. He gained experience in many different crew positions and even spent time as a stage manager, before starting his own costume rental company, Thrifty Rents, in 2017. With that same knowledge and skill set, he set out to launch LA Desert Ranch to provide affordable and unique sets for LA creatives.

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